A Simple Pastor Litmus Test For This Era

  We really need to get serious about church. A few simple questions to ask your pastor to see if he is a true biblical pastor -: 1) Considering that Jesus spoke more about hell & judgement than anything else in the Bible, do you believe in preaching about judgement & hell and if so … [Read more…]

We make such a big deal about ‘singing worship’ these days

We make such a big deal about ‘singing worship’ these days. In fact, we make such a big deal about it, that to question it, is considered sacrilegious. Signing worship is so easy to do – it costs us nothing. That is unless you consider that having to put all the activities and troubles aside … [Read more…]

What Then, Are We To Preach?

What did the apostles preach? What then, are we to preach? Surely, the message that Jesus taught is the most important message. Then what Jesus instructed the apostles to teach, and then what they taught is the critical message. What then was that message? Let us not assume, from Church tradition what that message is, … [Read more…]