“Oh But We Must Keep Things In Balance And Only Speak The Truth In Love”

As I have written elsewhere, Jesus was constantly using less than flattering language. He was time and time again using very strong, very harsh, very coarse, and very critical language. He simply did not hold back here. I recently did a count and found at least 65 occasions in the four gospels alone where Jesus … [Read more…]

When Is 0 Greater Than 45?

Some time ago, in the light of all this mamby-pamby love being espoused by good-hearted Christians, I read through the book of Acts to see if there was even a single instance of the apostles teaching about the ‘love’ of God.Have a guess what? Truth was paramount for Jesus, He would step on peoples feelings … [Read more…]

Unconditional Love?

To question the concept of the ‘Unconditional Love of God’ would seem heretical in this Modern Church era, because it has been so widely accepted as completely Biblical. How can we as Christians (especially pastors who are trained) read the many conditions of God’s acceptance & love set down clearly in the Bible, day by … [Read more…]