We make such a big deal about ‘singing worship’ these days

We make such a big deal about ‘singing worship’ these days. In fact, we make such a big deal about it, that to question it, is considered sacrilegious. Signing worship is so easy to do – it costs us nothing. That is unless you consider that having to put all the activities and troubles aside … [Read more…]

What Then, Are We To Preach?

What did the apostles preach? What then, are we to preach? Surely, the message that Jesus taught is the most important message. Then what Jesus instructed the apostles to teach, and then what they taught is the critical message. What then was that message? Let us not assume, from Church tradition what that message is, … [Read more…]

The Real Jesus of the Bible

When biblical truth was being falsely declared, Jesus said the most ‘unloving’ things according to your theology: Because Truth, matters that much. God’s creation is extremely important to him. Hell is extreme punishment for eternity upon eternity. The stakes are very, very high and we had better not get in the way of God’s unfolding … [Read more…]

Fouling The Ground Of Our Life Where God Sows Seed

When we push the idea ‘we are so special to God’ we greatly diminish the ability to be convicted by the Holy Spirit. Or, in other words, we voluntarily harden our heart by our own endorsed conceit and pride. Oh that we in this age would have hearts that would feel God’s grief and anger … [Read more…]